RAOK Ideas

We are now at the point where we cannot depend on others to make the world a better place. It is imperative for everyone to do their part.


It is time for people to become more aware about their Personal Social Responsibility (PSR). PSR is based upon the concept of treating others in the way in which you would like to be treated. It’s about noticing how your behavior affects others and holding yourself responsible for your actions.


The main theme of this post focuses on how important it is for you to be kind to others. You should make an earnest effort at carrying out acts of kindness throughout the entire day. You will be helping others. You will also feel good about your deeds. This win-win situation is hard for anyone to ignore.


You should never underestimate a single act of kindness. It is imperative to point out that you should never expect anything in return for your kind acts. Let’s take a close look at the RAOK Ideas listed below. You can put them into practice, or you can use them as a model to create your own.


-Walk your friend’s beloved dog.


-Invite a friend to a movie.


-Pay for drinks at another table near you at the restaurant.


-Trim your neighbor’s hedges.


-Purchase a lottery ticket for a random stranger.


-Send a small anonymous gift to a neighbor on your street.


-Give out notes of appreciation every week.


-Give up your seat to someone.



-Give your restaurant server a big tip.


-Give someone a flattering compliment.


-Hold the door open for someone.

Businessman holding conference room door for businesswoman


-Allow someone to go ahead of you at your bank.

The law of karma will work in your favor if you treat others with kindness. The RAOK Ideas above will work all the time!