How to Help Your Neighbors Today

Being able to help another person even if it is at the worst time, certainly can humble someone.


It makes he who is helping feel better about their self.


Gives him time to connect with someone even if it is only brief.


He is able to approve and change another individual’s life even if it is just a few minutes.


He makes all that surrounds him such a better place one little push at a time.


If he continues pushing his kindness onto others like this it will ultimately have others do the same.


He asks you to take time out today and do some random act of kindness. Whether big or small then after make sure you tell someone they also need to pay it forward and help someone’s smile come to light.


If he doesn’t know where to start or you do not know there’s many things you can do here are a few ideas to get your mind rolling.


A smile never hurt anyone. Most of the time if he smiled at someone that person would reciprocate that feeling and smile back.


You can also call charities and tell them you would love to help. This doesn’t mean he has to go right then and there to help. find the local charity events around you by calling around. Book an appointment for sometime within that month. Any charity will work.


Donate an item he doesn’t use anymore. Or maybe if he have bins among bins full of items give that up.


A lot of the times he will go and actually make a donation which could be spending money on someone who really needs it and not getting the newest electronics that he wants.


Also he can have people instead of giving him gifts for birthday and holidays can have those gifts donated and gave to a charity event.


No matter what he is always stopping to help. Whether it be he sees someone who is broke down or has a flat. You should always do that.


Learn someone the values that you were taught or that he as your father may have taught you. You could take time off and teach your grandmother how to use this world’s latest technology or even teach a small child how to ride a bike successfully. You can even teach him how to clean your toilet the way you like. That is totally a joke.


If someone is grieving he would always be sympathetic and comfort them and you can too. Lend a hand to someone who is in need of it or if they are lost and can’t find that light. Whether you help a person make plans for a funeral for a loved one or a doctors appointed you could be healing tremendously with their healing process.
If you see a person that seems to be homeless go off to the nearest food place and buy them a meal take it to them and say god bless. You have to teach him to be respectful and friendly if he is watching your actions.