When it comes to popular lighting, chandeliers beat everything. The awe-inspiring designs and dazzling beauty of these delicate light fixtures create a terrific ambience in any living room or hall. You can even use one in a bathroom to add drama to it, or have a romantic-themed one in your bedroom. Every place in your home can look absolutely gorgeous by the addition of a chandelier.

But to buy a chandelier that suits your style, decor and budget, you need to know a few key points.

1. Know your budget.

There is a large range of chandeliers available in the market, which will fit any home and accommodate any budget. Know what you can shell out for a light fixture.

2. Know your interior design theme.

What kind of interior look are you going for? Elegant, traditional, eclectic or minimalistic? A small black crystal chandelier might not be perfect for your bedroom with its beige tones of decor with wooden furniture, but a rose-hued one could be.

3. Know your space limitation.

A big chandelier will dominate a small room and vice versa. For smaller lights, use pendant lights. But get s chandelier that enhances the beauty of the room you put it in, not mar it.

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